Brazilian Mayor Fights Political Rival in 3-Round MMA Match

When Simao Peixoto squared off against Erineu Alvas Da Silva in the octagon during the wee hours of Sunday morning, he got to do something that most politicians spend an entire career dreaming of. He was allowed to engage in a physical altercation with his political rival, legally, for nearly 15 minutes in a jam-packed venue, full of their supporters.

For the victorious mayor of Borba, his hard-fought victory served as a climactic moment that stemmed from an incident back in September when the former chancellor publicly criticized his handling of a city called Balneário Lima. Simao Peixoto avenged himself by defeating one of his most bitter naysayers with an onslaught of roundhouse punches to the head.

Although they exchanged barbs before the bout, the two politicians conducted themselves like athletes who took the MMA craft very seriously. Collectively, their efforts seemed to endear them to the spectators on hand.

Source: TMZ

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