Brawl Breaks Out Following Dad’s Confrontation of Son’s Bully at School

Video coming out of an Arizona high school shows a brawl ensue after a father confronted his son’s bully.

Willie Smith, 40, was at Tuscon High School to pick up his two sons after receiving a call about a disturbance on campus. He was advised by school officials to exit the school with his sons through the back to avoid any violence but Smith reportedly refused and took his sons through the courtyard instead. While doing so, Smith confronted several students saying he’d resort to violence over one of his sons being bullied.

“If it’s going down, it’s going down here,” police say. The three Smiths were taunted by several students before the melee broke out.

Smith admitted to punching a teen several times and pinning them to the ground. He was subsequently arrested on a felony charge of disrupting an educational institute.


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