Brawl Breaks Out at Steelers & Lions Game After Woman Slaps Man in Face


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It seems that fights during sporting events are becoming more common, as footage of a brawl that broke out during a Steelers and Lions game has gone viral. In the clip, a man with glasses can be seen arguing with a woman who was behind him in the stands.

The shouting match turned violent once the woman put her hands on the man, which caused him to swipe her hand away. From there, the woman slapped the man, which caused him to go OFF. The man started to throw punches at anyone surrounding him, and when a man next to the aggressive woman tried to hop in, he got put down immediately. From there, the woman tried to put hands on the man again, which caused him to mush her down in her seat. Many fans stepped in to calm the situation, which was getting pretty ugly.

News of this comes after a bloody brawl was captured on camera between LA Rams and LA Chargers fans during a game. Watch above.

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