When discussing the power NBA players have, Chad Johnson credited the league’s guaranteed contracts as the reason NBA players have so much more power than NFL players. Brandon Marshall attempted to argue the point by falsely claiming that only the top players get guaranteed deals.

When Marshall was challenged on his point, he became increasingly loud and heated as he tried to make the point that only four players in the NBA have a guaranteed contract.

“Not everybody that’s on an NBA roster has a guaranteed contract!” Marshall shouted as his co-hosts tried to argue otherwise. “No it’s not! There’s four guys on an NBA team that got guaranteed contracts and everybody else can be cut today and don’t got nothing! Look it up!”

The conversation eventually moved on without Marshall accepting that he was wrong. The former wide receiver has also continued to argue his point on Twitter.

While the majority of NBA contracts are guaranteed, there are exceptions where contracts are just partially guaranteed. There are also 10-day contracts for fringe players and “two-way” contracts where players can play their way into a guaranteed deal.