Boxing Kangaroo Attacks Ex-MMA Trainer at His Australian Home, Fight Lasts 6 Minutes

Australia is home to the most dangerous land and sea creatures in the world. Arachnids such as the Sydney funnel-web spider have terrorized some of the most popularized regions in the continent, while Tiger Sharks lurking in the waters along the eastern coast have become known for their ferocious attacks on human beings. And then there’s the loveable Boxing Kangaroo. While the country’s national symbol is not considered among the most dangerous, their epic slugfests with one another and human beings, from time to time, have become the stuff of legend, especially when the incidents are captured on camera. Such was the case in a recent exchange between a Boxing Kangaroo and a former MMA trainer named Cliff Des.

Surveillance footage captured a six-minute brawl between the Australian man and a  Kangaroo after the wild animal encroached upon his property in central Victoria and threatened the safety of his dogs. Highlights of the fight include, the Kangaroo chasing Des down from behind and stomping him out before Des managed to get back to his feet, grab a stick from off of the ground and take a swipe at the animal. The Kangaroo then charged at Des and landed a punch before the former MMA trainer responded with a blow of his own. From there, the struggle continued until Des managed to take the animal down and restrain it. In the end, Des suffered several lacerations and bites, from his head down to his legs. While the Kangaroo eventually escaped back into the wild. The fight made local headlines as Des was interviewed about the matchup by 9 News Australia, shortly thereafter.

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Source: TMZ

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