Boosie Offers $554 to Man Who Wants to Get Smacked On-Camera for Video

Boosie has been working during this pandemic and avoiding near-death experiences at the same time. Now, the rapper has been on a much lighter note since leaving the hospital and healing his injuries from a Dallas shooting. In a hilarious IG video the rapper posted, Boosie noted he was looking for one man to serve as someone who would get smacked and even offered a random amount of money for their participation.

The rapper noted he was looking for a person to be in the “Period” video in Charlotte, said “I got $554 dollars” before pausing and saying, “[For] Whoever let me slap the f**k out them” on the “Period” video. He then explained how the shot would be set up and noted you only get the money if you let him smack you for real. Watch above.

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