Boosie Calls Lil Nas X Disrespectful: You Don’t Tell His Lil F****T A** Nothing

Boosie continued to defend DaBaby on Instagram Live while taking issue with Lil Nas X reportedly saying he wanted to perform naked. Boosie started trending on social media for his latest rant, which found him using a homophobic slur when addressing Lil Nas X.

“Lil Nas said he wants to perform naked for charity. Like bruh, they don’t tell him nothing,” Boosie said. “They should be picking sides, man. You don’t tell his lil f***** a** nothing. That’s the most disrespectful motherf***** in the world.”

Boosie expressed his opinion that Lil Nas X goes too far with his content considering many of his fans are minors.

“He said he wants to get naked on stage,” Boosie continued. “N**** they got kids [that] watch that s***. N**** be taking it too far. N**** go suck a d*** on IG, n****. Get f***** in ya a**, n****. Tryna put that s*** on all them children, n****.

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