Boosie Addresses His Comments Towards Lil Nas X

Recently, Boosie took to social media to speak on Lil Nas X, calling him disrespectful as well as saying, “don’t tell his lil f****t a** nothing.” Boosie went on to say the artist goes too far with his content, especially considering the fact that a majority of his fans are minors.

Now, Boosie has taken to the Breakfast Club and has addressed his comments on Lil Nas X. When asked why he said he would beat Lil Nas X’s ass, Boosie clarified by saying he feels he has to speak up for straight people in the world, to counteract the alleged LGBTQ news being pushed. Along with that, Boosie noted that he is speaking up in order to avoid having his children be attacked by an alleged agenda.

Along with that, Boosie spoke on the influence rappers have on kids, which caused the Breakfast Club to address the negative influences by rappers on kid. Charlamagne and Boosie then debated the effects of artists, their music, and their platform on children. Take a look above.

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