Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Tasing Handcuffed Man: “Scream Again!”

Bodycam footage was recently released, showing a Louisiana officer using a stun gun on a handcuffed 67-year-old man sitting in a patrol car’s back seat and then telling him to “Scream again.” The officer was revealed to be Nolan Dehon III, who was arrested on charges of malfeasance in office and aggravated battery. Dehon now faces a May 5 termination hearing before the Port Allen City Council.

The incident in the video happened on March 27 after the sister of Izell Richardson Jr. called police to report that someone was breaking in through a window in her home. When police arrived, Izell Richardson told them that it was his house and he had lost his key. Richardson told police, “This is my house. … I pay for everything here. She don’t run nothing.”

Richardson had trouble getting into the police cruiser, as he claimed to have a bad back, and he told officers that he couldn’t swing his legs in behind the front seat. Richardson began screaming for help when an officer told him to scoot in the car, and another officer can be heard telling Richardson to stop screaming. When another officer, presumably Dehon, taunts Richardson to scream again, the rattles of the stun gun can be heard going off. When Richardson screams a second time, the officer uses the stun gun again.

After being taken to the police station, Richardson informed officers that he had recently had open-heart surgery and he was experiencing pain. He was then taken to a local hospital in an ambulance. Richardson filed a complaint on March 29, and following an investigation, Dehon was arrested. The case has been turned over to the district attorney’s office.

Source: KOB4

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