Bodycam Footage Captures Man Kill Cop Responding to Domestic Disturbance

The Stockton Police Department released the bodycam footage of a May shootout that started with the fatal shooting of an officer responding to a domestic violence dispute.

The footage shows 30-year-old Lance Lowe fatally shoot Officer Jimmy Inn as he answers the front door. Inn approached the residence after a caller informed police that a woman was bleeding and appeared to have been assaulted.

As Inn announces himself at the residence, screaming can be heard in the background before Lowe appears and fires his handgun at point-blank range. Inn’s bodycam shows him drop the ground before the clip switches to Officer Pancho Freer’s bodycam as he gets into a shootout with Lowe.

During the shootout, Lowe grabbed his 8-year-old son and used him as a shield as he exchanged gunfire with Freer. As Lowe strangled the boy, a bystander tackled Lowe and freed the child. Freer opened fire on Lowe, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The woman, who was assaulted prior to the shootout, fled the scene before police arrived but spoke to investigators days later. The 8-year-old child was released to her custody after he was medically cleared.

Officer Inn was a five-year veteran who was married to a fellow Stockton police officer. The couple were parents to three children.

Source: ABC 10

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