Blueface Trends After Rapping on Beat

Blueface has been known and much-maligned for his choice to rap off beat, leading many to believe he couldn’t.

But the Cali rapper was trending on Tuesday after he displayed his sharpened rapping skills on the remix of “Outside,” a track originally made by OG Bobby Billions and the late Mo3. Not only did Blueface stay on beat, but he also delivered more introspective bars as opposed to his normal party-centric lyrics.

“I ain’t pray for these baguettes, I pray for better days (Better days)/I ain’t pray for that new ’Vette, I’d rather have my dogs back/Lord protect me with this Tec I ain’t pray for this Patek/Remember the day I got the text/’Another fatherless child’/Can’t act right ’cause they left him fatherless/No hood harder than fatherhood/Who gon’ teach your son to go farther than father did, all these kids raising all these kids,”

Reactions to Blueface’s verse were a positive mix of listeners being surprised and impressed.


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