Birdman Reveals He Makes $20-30 Million a Year From Masters

Recently, Birdman made a rare appearance on the ‘Where’s Wallo?’ podcast, and talked about his life and career, along with other topics. The mogul also talked about the importance of owning your music.

Birdman spoke on what happened to people in the music industry that came before him. He noted that people were trying to pave the way to own their music, but “got f**ked.” He continued on saying that he pushes to grind independently for what was done to artists in the past, who didn’t properly receive what they were owed from their music.

Wallo then asked Birdman how do you make money off your masters? Birdman then went on to say “Our s**t has value.” He then went on to say he just started allowing the Cash Money catalog to be licensed, which is a stream of income for the label. “It’s a gang of ways you can make money with your masters. We generate 20-30 million a year just off our masters,” said Birdman.

It appears Birdman and Cash Money are on a different path these days, as the label was previously hit with a lawsuit by Tyga, who claimed the label owed him $10 million in royalties.

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