Baltimore Rapper YGG Tay Sentenced to 15 Years for Trafficking & Gun Charges

Baltimore rapper YGG Tay was sentenced to mandatory 15 years in federal prison Tuesday for drug trafficking and gun charges.

Prosecutors labeled the 27-year-old as “a calculated high-level dealer” who was trailed by investigators for years. YGG Tay was finally busted by law enforcement in November 2019 after agents executed a search warrant and found over three grams of heroin mixed with fentanyl and a Glock handgun with an extended clip.

YGG Tay and his defense lawyers maintained his innocence and said there was no evidence that the rapper was a part of a widespread drug operation. Defense attorney Natalie Finegary claimed the “evidence only covered a very narrow role of a relatively small operation in Baltimore City,” defense lawyer John Cox said YGG Tay was proven to be “a purchaser of narcotics, not a distributor.”

Both attorneys claimed their client suffered substance abuse and was addicted to oxycodone, codeine, and heroin. In a sentencing memorandum, YGG Tay’s defense team said his phone messages showed that he acquired a limited supply of Percocet from multiple sources before repeating the process daily.

In a November Instagram post, YGG Tay suggested that he will appeal his conviction by writing, “Teacher say what come after a sentence. I say appeal n**** I’m too real!!! Free yours and free mines.”

Source: Baltimore Sun

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