“Bad Girls Club” Star Deshayla Harris Killed In Virginia Beach Shooting

According to reports, one of the victims whose life was taken in the Virginia Beach shootings that occurred this past Friday was ‘Bad Girls Club’ star Deshayla Harris.

The 28-year-old television personality reportedly got caught in the crossfire of one of the shootings that went down in Virginia Beach. The Virginia Beach Police Department identified Harris as one of the two people who lost their lives during the incident.

Virginia Beach PD noted that the three shootings that occurred were separate, but the shootings occurred within the same period of time. Police noted that Harris was a bystander who ended up getting hit by a stray bullet. Eight other people were injured due to the shootings, and three men—Devon Dorsey Jr., Nyquez Baker, and Ahmon Adams were arrested and charged with various crimes related to the incidents.

Source: Fox News

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