Saweetie Shocks Ex Justin Combs When Asked if She’d Give Her Man Threesome

Saweetie was the most recent guest on Respectfully Justin, the new show hosted by Justin LaBoy and Justin Combs, who once dated the “Tap In” rapper.

As with the first episode of the show featuring Chris Brown, Saweetie was asked a series of scandalous questions, including if she’d give Quavo a threesome. Justin LaBoy asked Saweetie if her man was doing right by her, supporting her, and spoiling her, would she grant him a threesome to “make him happy.”

Saweetie explained, “So, a threesome, right? I normally talk to men who are cultured, who been around the world, who know a lot of people. I understand that.” She then shocked everyone, including Combs, when she added, “And because he doin’ everything right, I’m gonna give him the honor of pickin’ the n***a we havin’ a threesome with.”

Both of the Justins got up out of their seats, with Justin Combs walking away for a second, while everyone around started laughing. Which resulted in Quavo and Saweetie sparking breakup rumors after the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Various blog sites pointed out on Wednesday night that Saweetie had unfollowed the Migos member. While Quavo was initially still following Saweetie, that changed overnight. While many believe it’s a sign that their relationship is coming to an end, both still have photos of each other posted on their pages.

You can check out the moment in full above.

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