Authorities Release Video of Fatal Police Shooting of Patrick Lyoya in Grand Rapids

Authorities in Michigan released harrowing footage of the Patrick Lyoya shooting in Grand Rapids that claimed the life of the 26-year-old. The Grand Rapids Police Department released body camera, dashcam, cell phone, and home surveillance video that captured the fatal encounter. While the audio was not edited or altered, some images were redacted out of privacy concerns.

“There was a lengthy struggle, I’m told it was over a minute and a half or two minutes of fighting,” Police Chief Eric Winstrom said. “During the struggle, the officer’s weapon discharged, killing the man.”

According to Winstrom, the struggle between Lyoya and the officers lasted for two minutes, during which time Lyoya hit the officer’s bodycam, obstructing the image for at least three seconds causing it to deactivate.

“What we’ve seen in examining the information is that it was hit many times during that struggle,” Winstrom added.

Winstrom also told reporters that the officer who fired the fatal shot will not be publicly identified and is now on paid leave pending investigation.

“This is a use of deadly force. The test for deadly force is that the officer is entitled to use deadly force when defending himself against a reasonable threat of death or great bodily harm,” Winstrom said. “That’ll be the test the Michigan State Police use when they look at it initially. And that’ll be the same test I use to review it after their investigation is handed off to us.”


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