Asian Doll Says She’s Never Getting in Another Relationship Again

Asian Doll took to Twitter on Thursday (December 2) to vow that she’s never getting into another relationship again. She wrote, “Never getting in another relationship [100 emoji] On my niece Remember I said this.”

This comes amid news of her relationship with rapper Jackboy. Last month, Asian Doll spoke about wanting to settle down and marry Jackboy. On November 1, she wrote, “I be talking bout Von to my boyfriend & he be right here picking my head up giving me great advice it’s no secret what I’m going through cause it’s public I’m just happy I got somebody who accepts me for ME. I’ll talk about Von at my wedding & still marry Jack tf you gone do bout it. Jack need to marry me let’s tie the knot n***a.”

During an interview in September, Jackboy seemingly confirmed their relationship when asked about being in love with Asian Doll. He stated, “Love…that’s a super duper word right there. I don’t like to play with my love. But I’m rocking with her, she cool. But love that’s a strong, strong word.”

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