Argentinian Woman Survives After She Faints & Falls Under an Oncoming Train

A video recently surfaced of an Argentinian woman named Candela stumbling onto a platform at the Independence Station in La Matanza Partido (of the Buenos Aires Providence in Argentina), before falling all the way down into the tracks, while a train was running. The incident was so horrific and shocking that it caused all of the onlookers that were closest to the incident to pause and/or look away before any of them could muster up the wherewithal to try to rescue her.  But as it turns out, Candela somehow survived the fall and the oncoming train.

Shortly after Candela was rescued and pulled up from the train tracks, she regained consciousness and offered up an explanation as to why she appeared to randomly stumble out into the open and fall down without a plausible cause.

“I suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and fainted,” Candela said. “I don’t know how I’m still alive. I’m still trying to make sense of it all…I don’t remember anything about the accident. I only remember when I was lying on the ground, with people around me, and then when I was admitted to hospital.”

Candela was eventually rushed to the Buenos Aires Hospital in an ambulance where she was discharged a few days later by Dr. Alberto Balestrini. The 24-year-old mother of two suffered a rib fracture, a punctured liver, a contusion on the side of her head, and a skull fracture. Her hearing was also damaged.

To view the incident for yourself, scroll up and press play.

Source: NY Post

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