Apple iPhone factory workers ate rotten food in rat-filled dorms

Indian women assembling Apple iPhones had to survive off worm-infested food while living in rat-filled dorms without running water — all for less than $5 a day, according to a new investigation.

News of the sickening conditions at a factory with 17,000 workers comes as Apple pays out holiday bonuses of up to $180,000 to some US engineers.

The situation was thrust into the public eye when 159 women were hospitalized for food poisoning in mid-December, sparking a rare worker protest.

Apple has since indefinitely put the Foxconn-run plant “on probation” and says it will not be reopened until it meets its “strict standards.”

The despicable conditions were detailed in a Thursday Reuters investigation that included interviews with six women who worked at the plant, which is located outside Chennai.

The workers said that they were forced to sleep on the floor in dormitories, with up to 30 women sleeping in a single room. At least one of the dorms had toilets with no running water, the workers said.

That reportedly left many of the women — most of whom are aged 18 to 22 — with a variety of health issues.

“People living in the hostels always had some illness or the other — skin allergies, chest pain, food poisoning,” a 21-year-old woman who quit the plant after the protest told Reuters. “We didn’t make a big deal out of it because we thought it will be fixed. But now, it affected a lot of people.”

Source: NYPost


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