‘Allstate’ & ‘Yelp’ Condemn Racist Sign Posted by Insurance Company on Juneteenth

Last year, President Joe Biden signed the legislation that officially made Juneteenth a federal holiday. The reason for the nationwide enactment was to celebrate the liberation of the African American population, who up until that point had been enslaved long before the United States became an official country back in 1865. While the second annual commencement of the new American holiday was met with appreciation and respect by several businesses throughout the nation, there were others who weren’t feeling all that celebratory when June 19th rolled around this year. The only difference is, that someone over at the Harry E. Reed Insurance Agency in Millinocket, Maine didn’t feel the need to hide their feelings. Instead, they chose to broadcast their disdain on a sheet of paper, right smack-dab in the middle of the front doorway. The blatantly disrespectful sign read as follows, “Juneteenth ~it’s whatever… We’re closed. Enjoy your fried chicken & collard greens.”

Shortly after the sign was posted, a passerby snapped a picture and posted it online, the image soon went viral. In addition to causing an uproar, the racist note caught the attention of Allstate Insurance and Progressive Insurance, both of whom previously worked with this independent insurance branch.

We are terminating our contract with this independent agent,” Allstate wrote on its Twitter account. “Our commitment to Inclusive Diversity and Equity is non-negotiable and we take action when individuals violate our code of conduct.”

The condemnation didn’t stop there, as the officials at Yelp also chimed in to share how they too would be disciplining the  Harry E. Reed Insurance Agency.

“While racism has no place on Yelp and we unequivocally reject racism or discrimination in any form, all reviews on Yelp must reflect an actual first-hand consumer experience,” Yelp wrote.

As the backlash continued to pile against the Harry E. Reed Insurance Agency, the city chair of the Millinocket town council, also took time to speak about the matter at hand.

“It is deeply saddening, disgraceful, and unacceptable for any person, business, or organization to attempt to make light of Juneteenth and what it represents for millions of slaves and their living descendants,” wrote Steve Golieb. “There is no place in the Town of Millinocket for such a blatant disregard of human decency.”

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Source: MSN

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