Actor Kenneth Lawson Sues Wack 100 After He Allegedly Broke His Jaw

According to Complex, Wack 100 has his Cash Money business partners in hot waters after allegedly getting into a physical altercation.

Actor Ken “Ken L.” Lawson is reportedly suing Birdman, Cash Money Records, and Wack 100 after the accomplished manager and record executive allegedly punched him in the face. Per TMZ, the incident took place at the Yamashiro Hollywood restaurant in December of 2019.

According to court documents, Wack approached Lawson’s table claiming that the actor spoke to his wife. This prompted Lawson’s wife, Monique, to introduce herself in an attempt to diffuse the situation. This didn’t phase Wack. Instead, he allegedly told Lawson to “Keep your bitch in check” before punching him in the face.

The blow caused Lawson to “violently strike his head on the ground, knocking him unconscious.” It also allegedly resulted in a 4-inch deep laceration to his chin and lip, multiple jaw fractures, three of his teeth getting dislodged, and one lost tooth. To repair this damage, Lawson was forced to have his jaw wired shut for three months. In the midst of the altercation, Lawson further alleged that Wack acted violently towards his wife before being restrained.

Source: Complex

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