82 Year Old Atlanta Man tackles Teen in carjacking attempt

A gun-toting Atlanta thug picked on the wrong old man last month.

And now police are asking for help finding the attacker after his carjacking effort was thwarted by the brave 82-year-old would-be victim, according to reports out of Atlanta.

A March 11 surveillance video, released yesterday, shows the suspect, a lanky male described by police as a teenager, waiting at a gas station when he approaches the elderly man while he was standing at the pump.

After an apparent exchange of words, the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded the vehicle, according to police.

Instead of yielding, the older man pounced aggressively, the video shows. He chased the teen several feet across the gas station lot before tackling him like a linebacker taking down a ball carrier.

The teen got the better of the exchange, rolling over on the elderly man then pointing at him as he went to steal the car – flippantly tossing what appears to be the victim’s cell phone back at him while he struggled to get off the ground.

The victim told police that the suspect pulled out his firearm and asked, “you wanna die?” as he made his way to the vehicle, according to 11 Alive TV, citing the incident report.

Source: NYPost

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