8 Men Accused of Stealing $2M in COVID Relief, Flaunting Cash Online

According to reports, a group of young men in the New York City area is accused of stealing $2 million in COVID-19 relief and flaunting the stolen riches online.

The New York Post reported, “Six of the eight defendants — ranging in age from 18 to 25 — were charged Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court.” However, two suspects remain at large.

The suspects were arrested with over 100 Key Bank debit cards in other people’s names and withdrew large amounts of cash from Capital One ATMs in the Brooklyn and Queens areas, respectively. Authorities have concluded the scam began last June and spanned through April of this year.

“There is never an excuse to knowingly commit fraud and steal from a system that was designed to help New Yorkers in a time of need,” stated NYS DOL Commissioner Reardon. “However, it’s even more despicable when these thieves steal a lifeline from New Yorkers in the  midst of a public health pandemic.”

“This Office will not hesitate to bring the full weight of the law against defendants who would pocket public funds that are intended to alleviate the hardship of others,” Acting United States Attorney Mark Lesko said.

Source: nypost.com

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