7 Police Officers Fired After Death of Marvin Scott III in Jail After Minor Arrest

A man named Marvin Scott III was arrested while inside an outlet mall located in Allen, Texas. The cops reportedly searched the man and found less than two ounces of weed on him, which led them to take Scott into the local jail. However, the 26-year-old ended up dead only hours later.

As a result of the death, seven detention officers in Collin County, Texas, were fired for their alleged part in restraining Scott, blasting the man with pepper spray and putting a hood over his head while he reportedly suffered from a mental health emergency. Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner noted that an investigation into the incident found that officers violated procedures and policies.

An attorney representing the Scott family—Lee Merritt, issued a statement on the matter and said, “#MarvinScottIII’s family is relieved these men have been terminated — however they are anxious to see these men arrested and held criminally accountable.

Merritt alleged that video footage shows one officer in question applying an “illegal chokehold” while other cops were moving to tie Scott’s arms down. Sheriff Skinner noted that video of the struggle was captured and said that officers used pepper spray once and restrained the 26-year-old in a bed. Skinner noted that he couldn’t give much more information as the investigation was pending, but later went on to call the incident a “tragedy,” and said, “As you might imagine, I was brokenhearted to learn that someone had died in our custody.”

Skinner went on to issue another statement on the matter, saying, “Evidence I have seen confirms that these detention officers violated well-established Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures. Everyone in Collin County deserves safe and fair treatment, including those in custody at our jail. I will not tolerate less.” Stay tuned for more developments in this story.

Source: apple.news

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