51-Year-Old Texas Man Attacked by 3 Pit Bull Terriers, Loses Both of His Legs

A few nights ago a man named Nicolas Vasquez took an evening stroll in the remote community of Huffman Texas. When the 51-year-old reached the intersection of Harvard Road and Knoll Lane, on his way back home, he was viciously attacked by three pit bull terriers around 9 pm. The dogs mauled Vasquez’s body from head to toe. It is unknown how long the savagery lasted but the only reason it stopped, while the victim was still alive, is because his neighbor, Calvin Stoy, heard the commotion nearby and intervined by fighting the dogs off. One of the most disheartening aspects of this occurence is the fact that it was the second time that the dogs attacked Vasquez in a month. But according to his neighbor, this time around the damage was far more extreme.

“Both legs were torn up bad, hands and arms. He had bites on his head. He was in really bad shape. He lost a lot of blood,” Stoy said.

Since the horrific incident, Vasquez has had both of his legs amputated, as a direct result. He is currently in critical condition. Shortly after the attack, Harris County Sheriff’s tracked the dogs down to a residence with a great hold in the fence. Their owner did not answer the door at the time but he might be subject to criminal charges. When the Harris County Animal Control captured the pitbull-terrier mixed dogs, they reportedly had the victim’s blood on them. The dogs have remained quarantined, while the local authorities continue to investigate the matter.

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Source: ABC 13

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