50 Cent Jokes About Woman Claiming Lil Meech Smelled Musty Like Onions

A woman recently made waves on social media after describing her encounter with Black Mafia Family star Lil Meech, who the woman claimed smelled musty like a “pound of onions.”

The woman stated on the Keith Carroll Show, “I just wanted to say Lil Meech was very musty on Friday night. He had went to six places and he smelled like a pound of onions. I just wanna know what possessed him to put on that long-sleeved shirt and to be so musty like that. I’m not lying. They said Meech smelled like a pound of onions … [People] been talking ’bout he been musty for the past week, you hear me?”

50 Cent came through with a joke, writing on Instagram, “@lilmeechbmf getting so fly the hating is starting. she said you smelleded like a bag of onion’s LMAO Nah dat’s Creed baby the gold bottle. LOL.”

Lil Meech also responded to the woman’s claims, stating, “Lying straight Thru her teeth feigning for a picture,” which was followed by several laughing emojis.

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