5 People Found Dead in Colorado Apartment Likely Overdosed on Fentanyl

According to reports, 5 adults were found dead in a Colorado apartment on Sunday in what police are describing as a possible fentanyl overdose.

Authorities say three women and two men were found dead in the apartment. Another adult woman and an infant were found alive. Investigators found an “overwhelming amount” of fentanyl along with a smaller amount of cocaine.

“While they thought that most of them were unconscious, one of the parties was awake and was transported by medical,” Police Chief Clint Nichols said. “Unfortunately, the other five people inside the apartment were deceased.”

The official cause of death has not been determined. “I hope the parents were not in there, but I’ve been doing this long enough I would probably be safe to suggest that the parents probably were inside,” Nichols added. “And so for the infant – that’s going to be a long time without parents.”

Source: youtube.com

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