5 Alleged Members of Gangster Disciples Indicted for Murder & RICO Charges

On Thursday a federal jury sealed the fate of five alleged members of the national criminal organization founded by Larry Hoover known as the Gangster Disciples after they were all indicted on murder charges, obstruction of justice, and RICO charges. The defendants in question are Shabazz Larry Guidry (27), Lesley Chappell Green (34), Robert Maurice Carlisle (33), Philmon Deshawn Chambers (33), and Andrea Paige Browner (27); they are all natives of the metro Atlanta area. While the prosecutors, in this case, are an Assistant U.S. Attorney named Mike Morrison from the Middle District of Georgia and a Trial Attorney named Ken Kaplan from the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section.

Several crimes are listed on the indictment, including the murder of a fellow Gangster Disciples member named Rodriguez Apollo Rucker. According to reports, Chambers is alleged to have shot and killed Rucker at his place of residence in Athens, Georgia. Shortly after this incident, Chambers fled to Texas, accompanied by Browner, where he reportedly green-lighted the slaying of two more members of the Gangster Disciples  (Derrick Ruff and Joshua Jackson) after being convinced that they were working with members of law enforcement behind his back. According to the indictment, Chambers was viewed as an authoritative figure within the Gangster Disciples organization, which oversaw decisions related to hits on their enemies that were often carried about by the group’s “Elimination Team,” while Browner allegedly worked with the female branch of the Gangster Disciples known as “Sisters of Struggle.”

Since the murders took place, Chambers, Guidry, Carlisle, and Green have all been apprehended by authorities in connection with the aforementioned murders. As of now, it is not clear whether or not Browner remains in custody.

Stay tuned for more on this development and scroll above for mugshots of the suspects.

Source: WSBTV

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