42 Dugg Accused of Assaulting Woman, Holding Her Hostage Inside a Miami Hotel

According to reports, rapper 42 Dugg is accused of holding a woman against her will inside a Miami hotel and beating her in the process.

The details surrounding the incident aren’t immediately clear, however, the accuser is suggesting that they or a friend was offered $50,000 in “hush money” to keep this ordeal from going public.

“What n*ggas did to me and @_serenitysky is not worth any money sh*t is not a joke,” she wrote. In another set of photos a woman with a bruised arm and swollen face are shared with the IG user adding, “This is what ya favorite celebrities do on close doors… Like grown man beat on my friend @_serenitysky and literally didn’t let US LEAVE and the HOTEL DIDNT DO ANYTHING.”

“42 dugg beat on my friend and held me hostage along with his crew!!!” she concluded.

42 Dugg and his team have yet to respond to the allegations.

Source: instagram.com

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