4 People Shot in DC, Suspect Took His Own Life as Police Closed In

According to reports, a shooting Washington DC on Friday resulted in four people being injured before the crazed gunman turned the weapon on himself before police could apprehend him.

Authroties confirmed two women, a man and a 12-year-old girl were wounded in the Friday afternoon shooting. They were each hospitalized and said to be in stable condition. Police did not identify the suspect and would not confirm if he was Raymond Spencer, 23, who had been floated as a person of interest earlier in the day.

After further investigation into the suspect’s home, police discovered six firearms and multiple rounds of ammunition. It also appears that the suspect livestreamed the shooting though the footage had yet to be “authenticated.”

“This was very much a sniper-type setup with a tripod and this person obviously his intent was to kill and hurt members of this community,” said Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee. “I just think it speaks to the depravity of some of the individuals that we deal with out here. Someone who would do something like this, I really don’t have a lot of words for it.”

Source: nypost.com

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