2 Men Jailed for Trying to Transport 4 Pounds of Cocaine to UK Via Jet Ski

According to reports, two men were arrested for allegedly attempting to traffic four pounds of cocaine to the UK using jet skis. Apparently, the men were caught after their jet ski ran out of fuel.

Steven Brogan, 36, and Anthony Reilly, 34 were sentenced to seven years in prison for trying to transport cocaine from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. The arrest occurred on Sept 30 when they were found roughly 27 nautical miles off the Suffolk coast.

After battling exhaustion and hypothermia, the men flagged down a survey boat that sent out a call for further help. When authorities arrived, they questioned the men about what they were doing on the water. Brogan told authorities the two of them were “fishing… but ran into difficulty.” After a series of questions, authorities searched the vessel and discovered the four pounds of cocaine.

Brogan’s defense attorney told the prosecution that his client was a former boxer down on his luck who  “lost out on a fight” and had “no money coming in.” As a result, he “foolishly agreed” to smuggle drugs.

“This incident shows the incredibly dangerous lengths that those involved in the supply of drugs will go to in order to sustain their trade,” said Suffolk Police Detective Inspector Matt Adams. “We hope that this sentence will act as a deterrent to criminals trying to bring drugs into our county.”

Source: nypost.com

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