19 Arrested in Connection to New Jersey Heroin Mill Linked to 15 Fatal Overdoses

According to reports, the New Jersey State Police have arrested 19 individuals in connection to what is being described as a heroin drug mill that is linked to 15 fatal overdoses and 42 non-fatal overdoses.

The 8-month investigation dubbed “Operation Falling Spires” was centered at the Garden Spires community complex in Newark. The New Jersey State Police Gangs and Organized Crime North Unit began investigating the area back in December 2020.

“We cannot end New Jersey’s opioid crisis unless we dismantle the state’s distribution networks for fentanyl and heroin,” said Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck. “Under Colonel Callahan’s leadership, the New Jersey State Police is focusing its investigative resources on those individuals and criminal organizations most responsible for fatal overdoses.”

“These operations are designed to target drug distribution networks and choke off the supply line of deadly opioids.  Shutting down distribution where it originates prevents lethal brands of stamps, like those seized in this operation, from entering our communities, which greatly reduces both overdoses and fatalities,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

Source: rlsmedia.com

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